Producer's Dashboard

The Producer's Dashboard is a Project Group to help you learn how to both manage and enhance your own Project Group! So come on in and take some notes. We'll be adding more and more helpful hints and tips as time goes on, and as more feedback comes in from our members.

  • Dawn of Dragons Dawn of Dragons

    3 Villagers

    Latest Activity: Jan 20

    Join the Adventure!
    Join the first VIP's to the production and receive exclusive access to the project as it unfolds! Click the link below to join the other Villagers, and receive e-mail updates on new content or…

  • Reader of the Whills Reader of the Whills

    3 Readers

    Latest Activity: May 10

    guild inspect report updated on May 06, 2024…12490548884?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • The Meme Vault The Meme Vault

    6 Memiac

    Latest Activity: May 17

    For meme makers, trend breakers, boat rockers, and crowd shockers, web wakers and troll rakers,Β  look no further. The madness has only just begun! Join our quest, if you dare, to help create a singular wit to stand against the tides of all…

  • Star Wars Cosplayers Star Wars Cosplayers

    14 Cosplayers

    Latest Activity: Jun 6


    Join the original 60k Cosplayers and Fans!…

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πŸ“œ  NOTE - Default Group Privacy Settings10235690691?profile=originalThe default privacy setting for all newly created groups is open to both members and the public. If you want your group to be private and inaccessible to either members or the public, and only available to those who are invited, make sure to adjust your privacy settings for the group accordingly when creating it.

~ Groups are currently unlocked for Network Pioneers and Subscribers. If you are one of the first 50 members, and have the network pioneer badge, you are open to creating a group to "Pioneer" the network!

You can also create groups If you have signed up to one of our subscription tiers on Patreon or Ko-Fi.


Groups on the Djemini Network are designed to be customized to the needs of the group creator, making them the perfect tool for housing creative projects or gathering followers and fans to your art and / or business.

Along the top of this page are the existing categories we have created to work with, but if you would like to create a group that would fall into a different category, just let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and I can add the new category for you.

To begin creating a group, click on the banner below, and a new window will open to our default $1 / Month Bronze Tier level subscription page on Patreon. Once your subscription has been approved, your account will be awarded a Bronze Profile Badge and granted access to the group creation page. Subscription approval time takes 24 hours or less, and is usually done within an hour or subscribing..



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