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The Reader of the Whills is a unique experience. Going beyond the obvious group activity we share like planning out missions, upgrading our characters, and unlocking in game achievements, we aim to provide a unique and exclusive approach to the way we deal with Role Play. Using the virtual characters and environments like screen actors and movie sets, we've started a small video series to feature our stories and adventures in game!

We develop back stories based upon the personalities and characteristics our guild members come up with in game, and then bring those characters into an existing chronology of Role Play events that have taken place in the Guild. Think about it like we have our own exclusive archive of events, screen captured from in game, and edited into a storybook like video series for people to enjoy for many years to come.

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"You've taken your first steps into a larger world..."

A group dedicated to the members and ranks of our Guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic.If you are looking for a immersive and interactive escape from a stark reality, what better way is there than to defend the Republic as a Trooper? Look out for the underdog as a smuggler? Protect the freedom of all as a Jedi Knight?

Of course, you could always go the other way, and attempt to seize control as an Imperial Agent. Or bolster the Empire as an Inquisitor, or climb the rungs of ultimate power as a Sith Lord...

In either case, you'll have your hands full of things to do and people to meet in this full 3D re-creation of the Star Wars universe, FREE for you to roam via 8 unique character class stories. To learn more, go to

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