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In Production 🎬

Spanning 3 years of wandering around the community, enging with some busking on the street, and sparking a new open music jam for the community some together and celebrate, I've decided to announce the launch of a new film project - "Let There Be Music"

This Documentary aims to cover the topic of how an abundance of music in our lives is some of the best medicine there is. And in this post COVID world of recover, forgiveness, rebuilding and renewal, what better way to kick things off that to bring back the music!

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Community Showcase Series (2018 - ?) *Playlist

World of Fire and Ice ( 2019 - ? ) *Playlist

Fire and Ice - A Tribute to Game of Thrones (Music Video)

After Binge Watching through all 8 seasons for Game of Thrones this last winter, I was caught in the unforgiveable place of having the title theme song stuck in my head. So I made the best of it, picked apart every note, visualized how it all came together... and produced my own interpretive cover medley including two other main musical themes from the show.

Produced primarily within the FL Studio10 Suite, using sequenced VST and Live samples to fill out the arrangements, I then mixed in live recorded melodies on my late mother's Legacy Guitar to feature the instrument and give the track a more living and organic feel to it. Then using Accoustica Mixcraft v2.0, I took the arrangement pieces and mixed them together with other sound samples and effects to create the final track you hear in the video.

In the spirit of this track, I was then compelled to take my video production and editing skills to another level by creating a video to go along side the presentation of this track. Of course, I knew that If I was going to do a video, that two things were certain. 1 - I would need really cool costumes and prop swords. And 2 - There will be Dragons...

A Little of You - Music Video

Locally written, recorded and filmed Music Video - "A Little of You"

As promised, here is the first look at the Official Music Video for a locally written and performed song, "A Little of You" - written by Eddie Beland and sang by Kathy Kolar Bear.

For all those who have contributed to making this video happen, I thank you from the bottom and top of my Heart. And a HUGE thanks to Tia Kristen, Dallas Paulsen, Dee Ainsley, The Man of Fives, Cat Toe and the many others who prefer to remain nameless for offering your story to our eyes. RIP Scotty Rips and to all who are no longer with us. Please pass it along to everyone you know.

For more great vocals from Kathy Kolar, make sure to visit her group on Facebook and catch her live or online at one of her shows! -

Special thanks to Raine Freeman, Janine Button, Danie Jeanes, Indica Moon, Sara Grayson and Brandon Tilt for making this video possible. Thanks for giving a Little of You to help spread this message!

Production Gear Expos ( 2021 - ? ) *Playlist

Indigo Prophet Music Videos (2021-2022) *Playlist

Djemini Activism ( 2019 - ? ) *Playlist

SWTOR Guild Series ( 2019 - ? ) *Playlist

Space Monkies (2018 - Present) *Playlist

Space Monkeys was an innovative webcasting experiment from back in 2018, which combined the latest in open source broadcasting software, creative use of graphic images, live DJ music sets, and commentary on the hypocrazy and craziness of our times.

Narratively, we follow the story of a bored, middle aged man stuck in a rut of having his dreams sold out from under him by means of "ettiquette" and "protocol" - who is suddenly whisped up aboard a UFO, and journeyed around the omniverse while force to mix some kick ass music sets for our audiences online. 

While indulging in the wonderful and spacetime breaking technology that is the Fux Capacitor,, there was nothing we couldn't do, and no where we couldn't go, so long as we had our 1.21 give-a-fux to make it to infinity and beyond!


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