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Members have the option of posting in either a private VIP collection of photos and videos, and / or a public promotions collection to be featured here on this page. Content that is shared to the VIP collections are visible only to group members, but all members and visitors of the Djemini Network can view this Promotions page,  Member Card Directory, and Announcements.

For a richer public display of group content in a more aesthetically themed setting, we've also created a custom Showcase Profile Page to present the best content that is posted in the VIP Group, in a designed and branded fashion to show off what our Djemini Network Profiles are capable of doing for all you amazing cosplayers out there! 

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  • Just released our latest Official Welcome Video, featuring many old and new faces from the group. You can find it posted at the top of this group, in the main header of the Promotions page!Β 

  • So is this like... WHOA!! It is!! So does that mean I can like... WHOA!! It does!
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11515437895?profile=originalThe Stronghold is a virtual Star Wars Fan Community explorer I'm building that aims to give our members a fun way to explore the fandom, lore, play Star Wars games together and even shop around fellow fans for cosplays, collectables and props!

Built using imagery and lore from my "stronghold" in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, and enhanced using technology, this virtual walkthrough is a fun an engaging way to explore all things Star Wars on the Djemini Network

Mando-Lion King

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