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โ˜ฅย Like a Stone from David's Sling | Tarek Bibi - "LightWarrior Anthem"

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So first, for about 15 years or more, I was the town joke, the crazy conspiracy theorist living in a tent on the edge of town and hanging out with the street rats and riff raff, or spending inhuman amounts of time online at some cafe or safe house, searching and researching through the bowels of the internet for a thread to pull on in persuit of answering some of life's most difficult questions.

Then came a time when things started to pile up. Watergate, Oklahoma, Wako, 911, War on Terrorism, Economic Depression, Epstein and PizzaGate, followed by one politcal pissing match or scandal after the next ... it just kept on piling up and up, until finally COVID came along and said "Hold my Beer" This prompted me to scream and shout online, louder than ever before, to rally people to oppose these new "Health & Safety" policies and regime that was no step short of eugenics and mass sterlization. And when the time came that the proposed "solution" was to be mandated, the tipping point had finally revealed itself. The Masks came off.

What resulted was the largest protest in the history if Nelson, BC, congesting a near 3 block radius of the downtown core, with the epicenter of activity taking place surrounding City Hall. During this time, I was asked by my friend Daryl if I wanted to shoot a music video for his friend, Tarek Bibi, with the protest as the back drop. Needless to say, I was thrilled at the idea, for I might never have another opportunity to work with such a busy set, with such a stunning display of human Free Will in action.ย 

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Since the video had been produced, edited and released, I've been strategically posting it online in places of tense political debate, to act as a living example of how beautiful and rewarding it can be to have a brave and supportive community to stand by you when it is most needed. I would even speculate to think thatย  this display of human courage and unity is what inspired a bunch of rag tail Truckers in the mountains of BC, Canada, and lit the fire under their asses to make a move that would then go down in History as "The Trucker Convoy" -You may have heard of it?

Like a Stone from David's Sling, it all began to fall like dominos. Our uprising in Nelson inspired the truckers in BC to unite, the truckers inspired the rest of Canadians to unite, and Canadians inspired the world to unite, and embrace the courage and sacrifice that was needed to restore freedom to our lives, and express the most pure of what living in a free and open society means to us. As more time passed, more and more people from around the globe began to dig deeper, expand their conscious awareness and consider the rantings and ravings of the "fringe minority" that had always been openly vocal in opposition a number of occult or hidden concerns about the world we are living in, and the means by which we govern ourselves, or allow ourselves to be governed.

As more dominos began to fall, the layers of the social onion began to peel back, and resemble something sad and rotten at the core of society. Everything was now up to question. All monopolized channels for information access became suspect.

Begun, the Culture War had...ย ย ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž


The Freedom Rally |ย Making History

The Most of the footage we shot for this video was of the largest protest in Nelson, BC History. At least for the time that I've been around, it's the largest gathering of people downtoqwn that I had ever been to.

With placard wavers, street performers & entertainers, jokers & jugglers, singers & dancers, hermits and romancers, it was as if these vaccine mandates had brought everyone out of the wood work!

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