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The live chat feature below allows members of the Djemini Network to chat in realtime with one another. Only registered members of the Djemini Network can use this Live chat. Please remember to keep your comments civil and respectful of one another, and enjoy the music selection in the ๐ŸŽง Djemini Radio. I've also included shortcuts to our featured project groups, for your convenience. Follow this Live Chat for realtime status updates from Andrew "The Djedi" Harvey

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Djemini Social | Threads

Social Threads are a place where topics can be discussed in more depth, which each Threads comment, Public Poll, or Public Article having its own threaded comment section attached to it. If you don't catch me online in the Live Chat, leave a comment here in the Threads to discuss later, embed media, or host a threaded discussion of a particular subject or focus. Click on the "Open Threads" tab to start a conversation and / or leave a comment. These Threads are public, and viewable by visitors, but to participate, you must be a registered member of the Djemini Network.