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⚔️ This is part of the original guild website I had built on, "The Holonet" to help develop and track the history of our characters, the major dates of progression, and overview / walkthrough videos of our main Stronghold on Yavin 4, and Guild Flagship, The Green Oddessy: Click on the buttons along the top to see what they do!  As you can see, the Djemini Network has no problems importing and displaying entire foreign websites within iframes to help put all of your online things into one place! Under the presentation is a guild invite link if you want to join the guild!

REVOLUTIONIZING ROLE PLAY - The Reader of the Whills Players Guild

The Reader of the Whills is a unique experience. Going beyond the obvious group activity we share like planning out missions, upgrading our characters, and unlocking in game achievements, we aim to provide a unique and exclusive approach to the way we deal with Role Play. Using the virtual characters and environments like screen actors and movie sets, we've started a small video series to feature our stories and adventures in game!

We develop back stories based upon the personalities and characteristics our guild members come up with in game, and then bring those characters into an existing chronology of Role Play events that have taken place in the Guild. Think about it like we have our own exclusive archive of events, screen captured from in game, and edited into a storybook like video series for people to enjoy for many years to come. 

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