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Thanks for visiting the Djemini Open Source Social Media Network!
Hey there! And welcome to the Djemini OSSM Network! This page is here to help get you acquainted with the various things you'll need to get started using the features and functions of the Network. As this is a purely independent effort to put this network together, it takes a basic skill set to learn a slightly different way of going about posting and sharing content with our other members. The advantage being, this space is 100% our own to build and use as we see fit.

"I can lead you to the door, Neo, but it's you who must walk through it."
-Morpheus (The Matrix 1999)

Help Center

Main Network Navigation Menu (top right of each page)

  • 🌏 Djemini Launcher - As you may have noticed, the homepage is now a more visually rich launcher page for my media productions company, Djemini Studios. This is primarily for business inquiries and promotion for when people follow up on my business card and weblinks. This launcher acts as a funnel to help website visitors more easily find the droids they are looking for.

    Products and Services - For information on our standard rates and production methods for contracting video production work from Djemini Studios.

    Crew & Supporters - A list of our partnered talent, companies and individuals who have worked with us in the past, are currently involved in our productions, and are on call for future productions from Djemini Studios. This list is formatted by presenting our Official Djemini Member ID Cards that are given to our content contributors ( Official Crew List ) and our financial contributors ( Executive Producers | Emerald Tier Subscribers )

    Production Equipment - A page to showcase some of the production equipment I use to produce my videos and other media, along with displaying an archive of progress in building our resource pools, and documenting the increase in production value.

    Djemini Widgets (under construction) - a page featuring what will be a number of HTML based widgets, formatted and made available for members to copy / paste / embed on their own websites, to help promote or drive traffic to their Djemini Network profiles, projects and other Djemini Network features. Complete with web graphics and hyperlinks, these widgets function as entry points to bring new members on board the network. Just copy the code, enter it into a media embed field for a page somewhere on your website, and voila!

    Djemini Archive - Browse through a chronological archive of the top featured video productions from Djemini Studios.

    Djemini Studios Group - A group dedicated specifically to the fans and followers of Djemini Studios who wish to subcribe to our notifications, recent updates and other perks we offer to tose who enjoy my videos and other media related work.
  • πŸ”¦ Creator Spotlights - This section features a growing archive of "spotlights" aimed at bringing more awareness to the artists, businesses and other things I want others to experience and be aware of. Spotlights are like compact mini websites that provide an overview, and links to their other work.

    πŸ“‘ The Stronghold -

    πŸ’¬ Djemini Social (Sign Up Required) - is a live member text chat application we included to allow our members a real time chat room. Along with this dedicated page for the chat room, you can also find our live chat application at the bottom right of each webpage on the network, in the light gray bar. Also included on the page is a widget for our Discord, listing our active Voice chat members in real time, and a link to come and join us in Discord Video Chat.

    🎧 Djemini Radio (Sign Up Required) - A community built, private collection of music to for our member's enjoyment.

    β™š The Meme Vault - A group dedicated to Meme Makers and Nerds suffering from Stickitotheman Niosis.
  • πŸ‘ͺ Community Dashboard - This is where you go to access all of your personal profile functions and settings. Clicking on this header tab will take you to your own personal profile page. The sub-tabs give you quick links to access the rest of the community sections.

    πŸ’š The Prominade (Public Preview Available) Where we go to see the Djemini Network's shared social media timeline, featuring all the content that our network members have shared. The Prominade also features a variety of content spotlights and community advertisements for local artists and small business.

    πŸ‘ͺ Community Members - A complete list of all Djemini Network members. This drop list link is hidden from the public, so only network members can see it for quick reference.

    πŸ“ Project Groups - A complete list of Project Groups on the Djemini Network, organized into categories for your convenience. Only vetted members and Subscribers can create groups.

    πŸ‘€ Who's Online? (Sign Up Required) A section where network members can see which other members are online, and to browse through our list of network members to connect and / or collaborate with.
  • πŸ”¨ Help Center - A quick breakdown and directory of our Network core pages and profile functions.

    πŸ“£ Network Announcements - A custom page dedicated to posting network updates and other important announcements that effect the Network and its members.

    🏁 Producer's Dashboard - A public group designed to teach you some more advanced tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your Djemini Network profiles. It also includes information on our subscription options and their details.
  • πŸ’²Donate - Here you han donate or subscribe to Djemini Studios through either PayPal or Patreon, there are links included on the page, along with in depth information on our 4 Subscription Tiers.

    πŸ† Djemini Wishlist - This page lists the various production gear items that Djemini Studios has our sights aimed at. With the help of our members, Djemini Studios can one day take the lead in low budget independent ScreenCraft!

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    Have any ideas on how we can improve the Djemini Network? Leave a detailed comment here to report any problems, ask any questions or offer any feedback to myself or the other Network Admins! We will respond under your comment in its own thread as soon as we see it! <3

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10885820293?profile=RESIZE_180x180Help Center
10885441860?profile=RESIZE_180x180Producers Dashboard
11150573858?profile=RESIZE_180x180Djemini Launcher

10235690691?profile=originalWhen you first encounter the dashboard (not this example one) you will see two rows of icons. The links in the  top row are the Block Navigation Icons to change slides within the page block:

  1. πŸ‘€Dashboard - Account bar 
  2. ✚  - Add new content
  3. πŸ“œ - Browse
  4. 🎧 - Djemini Radio
  5. πŸ”‘ - Cheat Sheet
  6. ☺ - Smileys & Emojis
  7. πŸ“£ - Announcements
  8. Help🚩 - Page Block Info Tag

Under the block navigation icons is the Account Bar: This is an example only. I have these quick links here for your convenience to have quick access to the most useful pages.

Starting on the far left hand side, moving to the right, the first icon links you to our Help Desk (This Page), followed by the Producers Dashboard (Educational group with perks for subscribers) and the Promenade (central community content HUB)

The next four are network and account management quick link icons for members Inbox, member Friends list, member Invite page and member account Settings.

For a full overview of how to set up your profile, complete with info tags on each page block and what it does, visit the Network Assistant's Profile Page

Live Customer Support on Discord

Live Support is $25 / hr (minimum one hour for prep)

If you are stuck, and cannot work well with the written tutorials and cheat sheets, or you require more specific details or a visual example of something, you can request to schedule a Live meeting with the Network creator or trained administrator.

Discord allows us to record our screen and stream it over to you, so you can get a visual for what we are helping you with. Go hands free with Live Voice chat to talk through the process. All Network Pioneers, VIP's and Silver+ subscribers receive free Live Support.

E-mail Settings & Privacy

You can adjust your E-Mail privacy settings by clicking on the "E-Mail Settings" link icon in the Dashboard Block.

On that page you can adjust what kind of e-mails you receive from your Project groups, or from the content that you've posted on the network for others to interact with. You can also connect your other social media accounts for easy sharing or login.

If you do not wish to receive any e-mail notifications, just select the check box at the bottom of the page marked "Turn off all e-mails"

Project Groups ( Badge Required )

The best way to gather all of your fans, followers or clients into one place, along with archive all of your exclusive content, is by creating a Project Group. Each group has the ability to host and manage a members list, video album, photo album, articles, events, and much more! With fully customizable controls and page layouts, you can expand and contract the features of your Project Group as you see fit.

Creating a group for your small business, art presentations, community events or other outreach uses is the best way to stay organized and glued together into one place under your own unique Djemini Network URL

πŸ§™‍♂️ NOTE: This website is best viewed on a full screen desktop computer at 1680 x 1050 resolution πŸ§™‍♂️