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What do you Get for Subscribing to Djemini Studios?

This tier is as good as it gets, with free physical goodies, unlimited access and bragging rights! By holding this card and presenting it at our live events, you get free merch and gain exclusive, unlimited access to the event, including VIP areas and behind the scenes "On Set" when shooting our film productions! By becoming a Emerald Tier Subscriber for $100 USD / Month, you will also receive the following contributor perks:

  • DJN | Emerald Badge - If you are a member of the Djemini Network, you will be awarded with an exclusive "Emerald" profile badge! (Requires Djemini Network Account)

  • Official Emerald ID Card - You will be listed in the Crew & Supporters Roster as "Executive Producer" and have your very own Emerald ID Card designed and mailed to you along with your other lower tier Contributor Perks! (Mailing address required / Refer to the Djemini Studios Collectors Items listed below for more details)

  • Gold Djemini Pendant - By contributing $50 or more, we will mail you an Official Gold Djemini Pendant! (Mailing Address Required / Refer to the Djemini Studios Collectors Items listed below for more details)

  • Q&A Discord Livestreams - You can connect and give us feedback on our Discord server, and hang out with our Founder and other Subscribers for occasional Live Streams and guests! 

  • 3 Free and updatable Community Spotlights - as an Emeralr Tier Subscriber, you can have 3 custom, dynamic pages made up to promote or display pretty much anything you want. Some restrictions may apply within reason. This is a community website, after all. click here for more details.
  • Patron Shout Out - Your name will be listed in the "Crew & Supporters" section of our website, and you will be listed along with our other supporters in the credits of any major screenplays or documentaries we release.

Djemini Studios Collectors Items

(Emerald Subscribers Only)

This officially designed Djemini Studios Member ID Card is given to those who either contribute financially to our productions "Executive Producer" or to those who take part in offering either talent or skills. 

If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can see the design base we have in store. To create your Official ID Card, you would need to send us your preferred profile picture (preferably a picture of your beautiful smile!) and include any other info you want to have displayed on your card, as the example image here calls for. Pictures and Info can be e-mailed to

Executive Producers are not put on a call list for talents or services. Both Contributors and Executive Producers are listed on our 🆔 Crew & Supporters page 

In the event that Djemini Studios hosts any exclusive events or engagements like video screenings, conventions, festivals and celebrations, just present this card to myself or an assigned manager of the engagement to get instant free merch and full access to the event.

This card also gives you the option to have an open contract negotiated with Djemini Studios for a percentage of any net income earned from our monetized Motion Pictures and YouTube Videos.

Become an Emerald Tier Subscriber to have your very own Executive Producer ID Card designed and mailed to you along with your other lower tier Contributor Perks!

Djemini Widgets

If you can't afford to donate anything, but still want to help, you can use these widgets to post on your website and help spread the word about this network, and Djemini Studios!

Buy a Coffee For the Djedi!

Djemini Studios recently discovered a new online fundraising resource for artists and content creators called "Ko-Fi" Scan or click the QR Code below to visit my Ko-Fi donations page, or click on the "Tip Admin" link at the bottom left of every Official Djemini Network Public Page, or Showcase Profile.

Ko-Fi can also be used as a monthly subscription service, if you do not want to use Patreon. Just make sure to select the "monthly" payment option on my Ko-Fi page when subscribing. 

$5 / month activates Bronse Tier
$25 / month activates Silver Tier
$50 / month activates Gold Tier
$100 / month activates Emerald Tier

What's the Catch?

  🥳 Let's take back the internet! 

So what is in it for you to help build this network with us? Here's a few hints:

  1. NO SPAM
  5. NO BOGUS "Communuty" Guidelines

Big Tech is sinking like the Titanic. Either jump aboard the life raft, or go down with it.

It's #NotRocketScience!

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If we can get 100 members to donate just $1.00 USD / month, we could afford to maintain a server for up to 100,000 members! That's huge!

Alternatively, if 50 members donate $2 / month...

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If you want to donate monthly with a subscription to Djemini Studios, you can select one of the 4 tiers we have set up to help us reach our goals. I really appreciate the generous support!

4 tiers of subscriber membership: 

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