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This is a showcase page that is here to present the best and
brightest cosplayers in the Star Wars genre from around the world.


Coming Soon... A Virtual Star Wars Fan Community

JUST LAUNCHED: The Official Star Wars Cosplayers VIP Group



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May 31, 2023
Jun 1, 2023




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11501133692?profile=RESIZE_180x180Originally Founded as a public group on Facebook, Star Wars Cosplayers has reached just under 60k Members globally, and has helped to spawn a number of small and budding entrepreneurial activities and manufacturing companies. We've recently built a home base here on the Djemini Network.

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Hello Thereโ„ข - and welcome to the Showcase Public Profile page for the new Star Wars Cosplayers VIP Group. Slowly I'll be building useful tips and tricks into this SHOWCASE page block, to help you learn how to create the most stunning, custom presentation profiles for all of your cosplays! You can create a profile just like this one, choose your own page colours, custom background, text styles and colours, and more! By sighning up, You get your own profile to design, 20 custom slides to present up to 20 of your best cosplays, PLUS the Spotlight page block at the top for display a"pinned" first impression!

I am currently researching and negotiating over how to install and embed a digital tip jarย (see the example on the bottom left of this page) with a company called "Ko-Fi", so that if you learn to design your profile well enough, and go the extra mile in presenting your cosplays, skills, workshops or other art as best your can, you can leave strong, branded impressions upon your profile visitors, and they can leave you a tip for your efforts, and for sharing your work; Kind of like digital busking! Or they can subscribe to your work monthly with whatever amount they want to offer to help you restore freedom to the galaxy!

The Official Star Wars Cosplayers VIP Groupย will be ONLY be available for Djemini Network members ( sign in | signup )

So click around a bit in this Showcase to learn more, or sign up to start designing and building up a cosplayers profile, maybe learn a few cool web design tricks along the way, and show everyone what you got! I want to keep the VIP group itself reserved for the most focused and dedicated cosplayers, or dare I say professional, as a collaboraite group for us to stay focused on creating some wonderful cosplays for everyone else to enjoy! SWC members who sign up and create a profile on the Djemini Network, andย  who upload and post a small description for at least one of the items below, in any of the page blocks on your profile, will be assigned the official "Star Wars Cosplayers" profile badge, which will gain them entry / invite into the VIP group when it launchesย (see my profile picture for example)

  1. A picture of a Star Wars Cosplay you've created or collected
  2. A picture of the Star Wars Cosplay item(s) you've manufactured
  3. A picture of Star Wars Cosplayers 3D Printer design, or workshop.
  4. A picture of a Star Wars Cosplay character design you are working on.


The link below will go active when the group is officially launched on May30th! 11074285882?profile=original

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"Just released our latest Official Welcome Video, featuring many old and new faces from the group. You can find it posted at the top of this group, in the main header of the Promotions page!ย "
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Andrew (The Djedi) Harvey

Proud creator and Admin of Star Wars Cosplayers since 2016. Please message me if you need any help setting up your profiles, and I will be happy to help you learn!

The quickest way to get a hold of me in real time is on the newย Official Discord Server.

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I think I'm starting to get the hang of tracing out images from video, and turning them into floating, animated GIFS with transparent backgrounds. Sure has a cool effect when posted on the Djemini Network.ย 


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LAUNCHED:ย May 17th, 2023 @ 1:00pm PST


Visit StarWars Cosplayersย 

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11072714461?profile=originalDo you want to have a direct graphic link to the Star Wars Cosplayers Group HUB displayed on your profile?

If you want a direct graphic link on your profile to take your visitor directly to the Star Wars Cosplayers HUB, follow these instructions:

  1. Highlight and copy this line of code:

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img class="align-center" src="" /></a>

  2. Go to your profile page by clicking on Community Dashboard in the main menu, or using the quick link at the very top right of this page, next to the sign out option.
  3. Select the page block and slide you want to display the graphic link in, and click "Edit Text" in the selected slide. Once the editor controls appear, click the "HTML" button to open the code editorย  input.
  4. Paste the code you copied from above into the text input of the selected page block and slide on your profile. Once you paste it in, click on the "HTML button again to close the code editor.ย 
  5. Make final adjustments by adding any other links, text or images you like.Make sure to click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the slide.



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