The Djemini Network is by no means automated. To make the most of everything we do here requires a certain knowledge base and skill set. But once you get the hang of it, mass produced / imposed social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and the like will be seen as a limitation to what can be accomplished with social meda. The more of these skills we take on, the less we depend on Big Tech to deliver us these tools...FOR A PRICE that is in no way free. Just take a look at how the social media world has shaped politics, current events, social resposibilities and our base assumption about the nature of human civilizations.Β  Even our closest realtionships are effected by it. And that effect can largely be determined by how well we've been trained to use it.

So here on the Djemini Network, I will be making an attempt to pass of this knowledge base and skill set to you for free. All it will ask of you is your commitment to learning these skills, and the time it takes to do so. This was university+ level information 20 years ago, of which most are STILL working on paying off their debts. I learned these things through dedicating myself to learning them FOR FREE! And if I can do it, anyone can. It's just a matter of how committed you are to learning it, and dedicating some time and attention to it. The end goal is that when more people learn how social media REALLY works, and know how to make it work for them like David against the Goliath of Big Tech, and we support and promote each other freely based on interest and relationship, then perhaps we can render mass advertising obsolete as well.Β 

So to begin the learning process, I've set up a variety of basic "Getting Started" instructions attached to each block section on your profiles. These block sections are blank canvases to post and share your work, but also they are a way to learn basic HTML styling - like how to wrap text around an image you embed, or how to adjust the size of the image, or add a link to it. Very basic stuff of how to "instruct" a web browser to display your content.Β  Β 

These are the basics of the skills you will need to build an OPEN SOURCE social media revolution that no longer depends on the whims and insecurities of Big Tech. In time, and with enough people taking responsibility for the consequences of social media, these mass conglomerates of would be technocratic overlords will be rendered obsolete. Then they can take a turn hearing the worlds, "Stop complaining and get a REAL job!" like I have since big tech dominated the market and left millions of graphic web designers to die in ditches with a pile of debt to deal with.Β 

Let's make the difference. Let's take the time. Let's do the thing. Lets LEARN THE SKILLS... and show the world the Course of Miracles that can arrise when self sufficiency meets modern social media, bonded and held together by right relationship, and supportive community interactions. For more tips & tricks on how to make the most of your Djemini Network profile page, please visit my profile for examples of each page block in action!Β 

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