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10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDERThe Djemini Network is due to release our official new web commercial in the near future, and many heads might be turning to come and check it out. So make sure to bring your profiles up to date, to make that tight first impression of your life, talents, small business, or whatever you have to share with the world! If you require assistance on how to set up your profile so that you can leave a better impression to the world than target="_blank" make sure to visit my profile to get some tips and tricks displayed in my showcase! ( Click here to visit my Profile 


Above is a large scale image to act as an example of just how stylized and customizable your own profile can be made to help you stand out, or capture a particular theme your want to portray as a person, artist, or business. Since the days of MySpace, we not really had much opportunity to CREATIVELY customize our online presence, with the stock look to big tech social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tw

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