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10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDER - Due to security reasons, the NING core programming for our Network doesn't allow non-administrative member roles to embed videos from rumble, to help reduce spam.

So unfortunately, video embedding from Rumble does not work until NING can update their server to recognise Rumble code-base on the user end. Thank you!.

-Network Assistant          

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10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDERThe Djemini Network is due to release our official new web commercial in the near future, and many heads might be turning to come and check it out. So make sure to bring your profiles up to date, to make that tight first impression of your life, talents, small business, or whatever you have to share with the world! If you require assistance on how to set up your profile so that you can leave a better impression to the world than target="_blank" make sure to visit my profile to get some tips and tricks displayed in my showcase! ( Click here to visit my Profile 


Above is a large scale image to act as an example of just how stylized and customizable your own profile can be made to help you stand out, or capture a particular theme your want to portray as a person, artist, or business. Since the days of MySpace, we not really had much opportunity to CREATIVELY customize our online presence, with the stock look to big tech social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tw

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The Djemini Network is by no means automated. To make the most of everything we do here requires a certain knowledge base and skill set. But once you get the hang of it, mass produced / imposed social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and the like will be seen as a limitation to what can be accomplished with social meda. The more of these skills we take on, the less we depend on Big Tech to deliver us these tools...FOR A PRICE that is in no way free. Just take a look at how the social media world has shaped politics, current events, social resposibilities and our base assumption about the nature of human civilizations.  Even our closest realtionships are effected by it. And that effect can largely be determined by how well we've been trained to use it.

So here on the Djemini Network, I will be making an attempt to pass of this knowledge base and skill set to you for free. All it will ask of you is your commitment to learning these skills, and the time it takes to do so. This was

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