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10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180HTML Tip: Just came across a quick and easy code sniplet for members to use, to create custom button links that you can insert just about anywhere. And the great part about it is that there's only two lines of code. It would literally take more time explaining the code than it would be to just copy and paste it, so let give it a shot, and see if we can break it down.

The complete code:

<p> <a href=" INSERT YOUR LINK URL HERE " target="_blank" rel="noopener">
<input type="button" value=" 

As far as where the button appears, perhaps some random spot in the middle of a line of text, like we see in the example above, it's easy too. Copy both lines of code from here, then open up HTML mode in the field you want the place your button in, click your cursor into the spot on the line where you want the button to appear, and then paste in the code. exactly like I have here. Then replace the bold text areas with your link URL, and the label text you wa

10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDER - So for how many times we might ask ourselves this same question, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you another sneak peak at what kinds of profiles you can design using our customization tools. With these tools, you can create a custom themed and braned presence for whatever kind of something you have to present. In this case, I decided to dig up an old project called "Star Trek VS Reality" and do something with it. 


 ( Click on image to open full screen in a new tab | Click here to visit and view the new page! )

After watching Season 3 of StarTrek: Picard, I was dizzy with nostalgia and excitment to show my gratitude. This page is designed and fasioned to look and function like a real working version of an LCARS system (the computers from the spaceships in Star Trek) The page also doubles down as a way to help promote Season 3 of StarTrek: Picard, which was absolutely awesome! (that means go see it, like... now)


Do you want to build a similar pag

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10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDER - Due to security reasons, the NING core programming for our Network doesn't allow non-administrative member roles to embed videos from rumble, to help reduce spam.

So unfortunately, video embedding from Rumble does not work until NING can update their server to recognise Rumble code-base on the user end. Thank you!.

-Network Assistant          

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The Djemini Network is by no means automated. To make the most of everything we do here requires a certain knowledge base and skill set. But once you get the hang of it, mass produced / imposed social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and the like will be seen as a limitation to what can be accomplished with social meda. The more of these skills we take on, the less we depend on Big Tech to deliver us these tools...FOR A PRICE that is in no way free. Just take a look at how the social media world has shaped politics, current events, social resposibilities and our base assumption about the nature of human civilizations.  Even our closest realtionships are effected by it. And that effect can largely be determined by how well we've been trained to use it.

So here on the Djemini Network, I will be making an attempt to pass of this knowledge base and skill set to you for free. All it will ask of you is your commitment to learning these skills, and the time it takes to do so. This was

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