10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180Network Update: Due to some instability in Facebooks app registrations, along with many troubling stories coming to the surface about Facebooks ethics and "community" standards, I've decided to remove any involvement or back end integration that the Djemini Network shares with Facebook. This includes our auto sign up / sign in feature where you use your Facebook credentials to create an account. For our members, however, the Facebook "share" button will still be available for you to share pictures, videos, articles and other content to your Facebook profiles, which can be found on the page of the content you wish to share. 

I know this might be inconvenient for some members, and for that I apologize. But ultimately this is a security issue, where I don't want Facebook anywhere close to the back end of the Djemini Network, for any reason. We hope you will understand this descision, and please if you have any feedback or concerns about this decision, please let me know in a reply comment to this announcement, or send me a message in my inbox. Thank you.

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Andrew (The Djedi) Harvey
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