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In such a competative landscape like the internet (or just life as a human in general) it's easy to assume that the Djemini Network is attempting to compete with or replace the larger social media monopolies like Facebook, Instagram, Tweitter / X...etc. But that is not actually the case. Our back end and server space isn't nearly a franction of a percentage we would need to handle such a bulk of activity and content hosting. So what is our goal here? Well, I'm glad you asked. The Djemini Network has many things in mind in our ability to provide space and tools to tailor your impressions online. 

By putting together a top notch, branded and aesthetically unique profile that has enough space to fit all of your best content and presentations into one place, your Djemini Profile becomes like a digital business card, packed with as little or as much info as you want about you, your art, and / or your business. These profiles are meant to provide you with the tools to create stunning impressions that set you aside from just another corporate profile on mass social media sites, blended in with their goal of advertising for monopolies who will never know when enough is enough. I will, however tip my hat to Mr. Musk for telling Bob Iger of Disney to "Go f**k yourself" on live television, after Iger tried to bribe and then boycot Twitter over political opinions. ( watch the statement here ) 

As more in the world of corporate monopolies collapse under the weight of their own hubris and bullshit, more and more people will be faced with a choice. Do we jump to the next massive monopoly like we have 3 to 4 times already, with disasterous results, I might add? Or do we begin to take a more active role in the internet? Creative-less, mindless, boredom driven consumerism blends with social media about as well as oil blends with water. It's not going to provide any solutions. Many in the world like to blame "social media" as a phenomenon that is corrupting the human spirit. But I disagree. Our spirit has been corrupted by a LACK OF CREATIVTY for generations. With all these monoplies providing everything for us, we failed to learn how to do any of it ourselves, and again, with disasterous results. 

So not only is the Djemini Network tailored to provide you with a more impressionable profile to promote your works with, but we also take on the active role of attempting to educate our member with some basic HTML coding and other online content mangement skills, so that we can initiate a new wave of user end creativity to counter the overbearing and corruptable nature of mass monopolized, corporate social media. The difference between social "Media" and social "Networking" is like night and day, because social "media" is often only a one way street, like the effect of classic TV feeding you something you cannot respond or add anything to.

The goal of social "Media" is for the consumers to just to consume content, and essentially offer free advertising for the content you "like" with your interactions. Now it's nearly impossible to distinguish a difference between an artist, and an advertiser. An artist has something to do with PRODUCING, inspiring, creating, exposing and revealing, where as an advertiser is just trying to dazzle you with something impressive in order to sell you something you likely don't even need. I mean, who really NEEDS a gluten free, fair traded, sustainably harvested, government approved, celebrity endorsed and mass media advertised fidget spinner? Not me, that's for sure. 

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The Djemini Network is a independently owned and operated social networking site tailored for artists and small businesses of the West Kootenays Region in BC, Canada, to promote our works online and share with our friends and families abroad. However, if you enjoy our humble little corner of the internet enough to join, then you are more than welcome to! 

We offer a wide variety of pubishing tools for sharing great online media content, though not quite as automated or sophisticated at the big tech 5 group of social media monopolies that most are all too familiar with. Our current capacity can host up to 10,000 members, and have 100GB of storage space for your photos, written works and other creative displays of your talents, products and / or services. We do not, however have room to host videos, so it is recommended and strongly encouraged that you import or embed your video content from other services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Click around a bit, and see what you think! If you like it, then sign up, and we'll see about helping you put together a top notch profile! And if not, that's ok! And we hope you enjoy your stay. cool

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