10888350063?profile=RESIZE_180x180NETWORK REMINDERΒ - So for how many times we might ask ourselves this same question, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you another sneak peak at what kinds of profiles you can design using our customization tools. With these tools, you can create a custom themed and braned presence for whatever kind of something you have to present.Β In this case, I decided to dig up an old project called "Star Trek VS Reality" and do something with it.Β 


Β ( Click on image to open full screen in a new tab |Β Click here to visit and view the new page! )

After watching Season 3 of StarTrek: Picard, I was dizzy with nostalgia and excitment to show my gratitude. This page is designed and fasioned to look and function like a real working version of an LCARS system (the computers from the spaceships in Star Trek) The page also doubles down as a way to help promote Season 3 of StarTrek: Picard, which was absolutely awesome! (that means go see it, like... now)


Do you want to build a similar page for you profile, art or business? All I did was use the unique gmail URL I have for the project, and I am able to sign up a new account on the network, and design a custom branded page for it - It's FREE, because it only costs you the time and patience to learn how, and DIY! Once I find the time to do it, the next tutorial will be covering exactly how to get started!

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