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This block is the first thing your profile visitors will see when coming to visit your profile on the Djemini Network. Make that first impression count by spotlighting your most passionate focus in life, whether it be as an artist, a business owner, a proud parent or what have you. Otherwise, you can use this block to spotlight your favourite topics, media, news articles...etc.  the sky isn't the limit. Your imagination is!

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"The limits of your imagination are the boundaries of our reality."


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This block has 20 slides for you to input anything you want!! Use like the slides like a digital short story for visitors to flip through, or an online magazine, or even just use to showcase your top 20 video embeds. The sky isn't even the limit. Your imagination is!

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December 3




Connecticut USA


Repair Technician

Education & Credentials

some college, but 15 years as a live animal exhibit curator, 8 years as a repair technician with multiple vacuum cleaner and sewing machine manufacturers certifications.


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As a special perks to help you get started, you can come and check out this tutorial I made for you to embed your own social icons rather than text links, if you want to add the special cut and polish to your page. See the inactive example below, and then CLICK HERE to view the tutorial on how to do it!10235690691?profile=original



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This block allows members 3 custom HTML slides to feature anything they want from media embeds, articles & links, a picture frame... etc. Anything you can think of to use them for!

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  • Welcome aboard! If you need any help setting up your profile, just lemme know! I'll be releasing a new profile start up tutorial within the week, me thinks :)

    Otherwise, poke around, and check out the various page blocks. There's aย ย ๐Ÿšฉ symbol attatched to each page block on your profile, to give you more info on it and what it's for.

    Also, now that you are signed up and have a profile on the djemini Network, I can link the Member Card or yours that I have on display to your new profile here, where you are free to promote just about anything you want, from cosplay outfits, to work related stuff, create your own ads for friends and businesses you want to support...etc It's all good.ย 

    To begin designing your page, selecting your colours, text styling and backgroun image, go to the "Customize my Page" link in the gear options menu at the top right hand side of your profile.

    Visit the Member Card Directory to upload your Member Card to the archive, which will give you your own unique Member Cardย  URL to share over other socials. The Member Card URL comes with its own comment section, and includes your name, which is lnked back to your main profile here. Again if you need any help, let me know!

    -Andrew (TheDjedi) Harvey
    Network Creator | SWC Admin

    All Photos - Star Wars Cosplayers
    The Djemini Network is an exclusive social network built just for creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and independent media producers.
  • Hey there!ย Just wanted to update you on a small change I made to profile pages, of which you inspired! You can now find the link you entered into the "Ad Strip" at the bottom of your profile, in the new "Promote Your Business" block, located in the right side page column under the "Quote of the Day" block.ย 

    PS: This is Andrew (admin) on a sample profile I created to produce the first tutorial videos, and make things a little easier for new members to customize their profiles.

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