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Honj Espoz - John A Knyff

Honj grew up in the poor part of Raxulon City, in sight of the main spaceport. He was young, but old enough to remember when his home planet of Raxus Secundus was invaded by the Republic and their clone army. He's never forgotten how they were treated and that their planetary system was used as a dumping ground for war waste. When he was old enough to work, he took a job in the recycling center.

Honj eventually worked a deal with his supervisor that he'd take most of his pay in old starship parts. In a dingy, cluttered corner of a work bay he rebuilt a two seater BTL-S3 Y-Wing. The grungy old starship got nick-named "Dirty Girl" by the other salvage yard workers... and it stuck. It's pieced together from at least 9 separate vessels. The current engines are a pair of Novaldex J-77 Event Horizons, made famous the theΒ  RZ-1 A-Wings, the he fit into into the nacelles of the Y-Wing... barely. Targeting systems, avionic controls and other parts were acquired from other ship carcasses scattered across the junk fields. He's especially proud of the cut down and overcharged Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons that came off an Xg-1 Star Wing and a thrashed Lambda shuttle. The Ion Cannon was upgraded to an SW-5 to keep the classic look of the ship and give a "passenger" something to use if they're being followed. To keep the cockpit safe he reshaped scrapped capital ship Duranium plating into replacement armor and painted it green and silver, to hide it from even a keen eye.Β The added Mag-Clamps lets the old bomber haul up to 3 full size shipping containers. He had to demilitarize it to meet the Bureau Of Ships and Services civilian ship regulations, so the lack of torpedo launchers made room for "special" cargo, if the price is right.
Honj and his astromech, R4-PJ11 (PJ), who he found slightly damaged and out of power in a wrecked Eta-2 Actis class Jedi Starfighter, prefer to operate the 'Espoz Express : Galactic Courier Services' in the outer rim and wild portions of space. You can usually find him in his hanger on Raxus, Ryloth, M'haeli or Thune with the ship parts you need or to book your moving container to Coruscant. Otherwise meet him at the cantina's Sabacc table for those other things you might need delivered discreetly.
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