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The Djemini Network is a independently owned and operated social networking site tailored for artists and small businesses of the West Kootenays Region in BC, Canada, to promote our works online and share with our friends and families abroad. However, if you enjoy our humble little corner of the internet enough to join, then you are more than welcome to! 

We offer a wide variety of pubishing tools for sharing great online media content, though not quite as automated or sophisticated at the big tech 5 group of social media monopolies that most are all too familiar with. Our current capacity can host up to 10,000 members, and have 100GB of storage space for your photos, written works and other creative displays of your talents, products and / or services. We do not, however have room to host videos, so it is recommended and strongly encouraged that you import or embed your video content from other services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Click around a bit, and see what you think! And we hope you enjoy your stay. 

-โ˜ฅ The Djedi ( Network Creator )           

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  • 12638022677?profile=RESIZE_400xAbout a year ago, an elder friend from the band gave me a pair of black dress pants. Strange thing is, I have had so many times in my life where people offered me clothes I didn't need, that I took no special note of it. Though for some reason, whenย Avery Garnet MacKayย handed me those dress pants, it felt different. This man had picked me up and dusted me off when I was at a hard turn in my road, and had tripped on myself.ย 

    Long story short, I took those pants and thought, "Hmm... well I can't wear these by themselves, I'll need to get a matching dress coat, a nice shirt and some leather dress shoes to go with them" - and bit by bit, I found items from thrift shops that looked like they were tailored just for me, and matched well enough with the pants.ย 

    Now, after sporting an all black dress suit from time to time as my "go to town" outfit, I'm leaning into it even further, and got myself a paisley / dark green waist coat and matching tie to go with it. Full pictures of the outfit soon!ย 36.gif

    PS: The John Wick film series has likely sold more suits than all the Mooresโ„ข commercials combined,ย 

  • Fundraising on Facebook be all like...ย 35.gif

  • Protip for new members: This isn't the kind of social media site of consumer media that most have been trained into, where you scroll along a timeline looking to share other people's content, and then wait for someone to like you for it. No. This is a social networking site of producer media - where we produce the content to be enjoyed and shared by others.

    So post a picture. Write an article. Import some of your own videos. It's your turnย 
    ( yes you can click my name for some tips, tricks and tutorials )36.gif

  • just went on a 25 minute hike with my cat, Askim, and we found some food for the day, and some of natures strongest medicines ๐Ÿฅณ

    Chicken of the woods fries up nice with some garlic and butter, while Fomitopsis pinnicola is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, and brews up in a nice warm cup of tea.

    Lunch time ๐Ÿง™๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธโ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ’š
  • The only truth about "Global Warming" that I prescribe to, is that there's not enough of it in the places that GROW.ย 37.gif

  • I think I'm just going to... ya know.... leave this here.ย 110.gif

  • Protip for humans: Your sense organs are more valueable than your sex organs. Best to maintain them accordinglyย 110.gif

  • โ˜…

    Here's a warm welcome to our new members! Click around. Muse...you know. All the things. And enjoy your stay!
    ( yes you can click my name for some tips, tricks and tutorials )ย 36.gif

  • Upon investigation, I've discovered that Facebook and IG have been shut down (temporarily?) Everyone was logged out of their messenger and FB accounts, and have not been able to log back in all morning. Most on Twitter / X are assuming it to be a cyber attack. Current reporting is claiming that a massive cyber attack has occured, which targeted most if not all the major social media websites. Makes you wonder why I've been building my own for about 5 years now.

    Will release more details as they come to keep you up to date. You can aslo follow this trend thread on Twitter, that appears to be flooded with people reporting on the issue. (ย See Twitter / X Trend Threadsย )ย 26.gif12397765663?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • as of about 10:30 am, Facebook is back up and operational now, for me, at least.ย 36.gif

This reply was deleted.
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"If social networking skills like graphic design, basic HTML coding and content management were as common as reading and writing, we would not need Facebook, Google, Telegram, Twitter, or any other monopoly to do it for us...

           we would only need each other.
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Star Wars Community | "The Stronghold"

The Stronghold is a vitual, Star Wars themed environment and marketplace, arranged to house a variety of activities for the Star Wars fanbase. Ranging from cosplayers or gamers, to real life droid builders and shady merchants, the Stronghold is a virtual environment made for us to have a place of our own, in a galaxy far, far away.

Crafted from images captured from the massively popular MMORPG, "Star Wars: The Old Republic", The Stronghold is crafted to be a virtual "walk through" environment, inspired by some of the earliest PC puzzle / mystery games. In this virtual environment, you'll find NPC's that can help you explore and discover all the things we have built into the environment. From virtual market booths representing real life businesses, cosplayers and crafters, to NPC tour guides taking you through the museum to learn new things, there is a growing number of exciting things to engage with. So kick your feet up at the Cosplayer's Cantina, meet some of the characters we have lingering about, and enjoy your stay! 

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If you can't afford to donate anything, but still want to help, you can use these widgets to promote our best work on your social profiles and website where custom HTML <iframe> embedding is available..


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