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Which collection do you want to add photos to?
Click on the album to want then click +Add Photo on the top right of the next page. During the upload process, you can select which category(s) in the album you want to add your photos to, add descriptions, links, tags...etc.



:spindjemini: The Free Zone

This collecition is where all of our free members can post their photos. A number of pre-made categories are provided for easier searching.


📜 Creative Collections

These collections are for archiving creative works, spanning many Artists of all mediums and genres. Categories are assigned to give each Artist their own album.


📜 Business Collections

These collections are for archiving small business promotions and market activities. Categories are then assigned to give each business their own album.


📜 Exclusive Collections

This is for Silver+ Subscribers to host their own collection with a unique URL. Each collection can have multiple categories to create multiple albums. Only the collection owner can add photos to their collection.


 📜 Private Collections

These albums are created so that only the person(s) adding photos to them can access it. A special permission is granted that gives you absolute privacy control over your photo collections.


Protip: Subscribing to the Djemini Network gives you the option of creating your own Project Group,
where you can host your own photo albums, video collections, music collection, article archives, blogs,
forums and more! If you don't want to create and / or manage a group, as a subscriber, we can create
for you your very own category for you to help keep your photos organized and easy for others to find. 


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