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The Djemini Network is a independently owned and operated social networking site tailored for artists and small businesses of the West Kootenays Region in BC, Canada, to promote our works online and share with our friends and families abroad. However, if you enjoy our humble little corner of the internet enough to join, then you are more than welcome to! 

We offer a wide variety of pubishing tools for sharing great online media content, though not quite as automated or sophisticated at the big tech 5 group of social media monopolies that most are all too familiar with. Our current capacity can host up to 10,000 members, and have 100GB of storage space for your photos, written works and other creative displays of your talents, products and / or services. We do not, however have room to host videos, so it is recommended and strongly encouraged that you import or embed your video content from other services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Click around a bit, and see what you think! And we hope you enjoy your stay. 

-โ˜ฅ The Djedi ( Network Creator )           

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    To share a picture that is already on the Djemini Network, and post it to the Graffiti wall, all you have to do is copy the image URL link, and post it into the Graffiti Wall. The Wall should then read the link, and produce a thumbnail for viewers to click on, and take them to the picture page to like, comment...etc. By doing this, we reduce the amount of server space we take up creating and uploading duplicates of the same photo.

    Also, when posting a photo, you can rate the photo using the 5 star rating system, which essentially creates a way for the server to determine the most engaging content, and provide reporting to developers.

    Example: Here is the link to a recent picture post from Star Wars Cosplayers.ย 36.gif

    Kris Kelso - Jedi Consular
    Photo shared by Kris Kelso in the Star Wars Cosplayers Facebook Group.  View Post on Facebook.
  • 12384047876?profile=RESIZE_400x

    The NEW Graffiti Wall |ย The Timeline to Party Has Comeย 36.gifย 

    The Graffiti Wall is a place where people can make more media rich posts and updates for all to see. Once you compose a post, it is automatically made into a truncated post to be archived on the Global Activity Log.ย (next tab over in this block). The activity log tracks and displays not only what is posted here on the Graffiti Wall, but also any media that is posted to open groups or collections. Any articles, blogs or status updates that members make are also published for viewing in the log.

    This new timeline includes a threaded comment section built into each post where members can edit their post at any time. HTML editors tools are available (listed along the top of this section) - there you can use the text and media controls to create a more engaging post which can include links and embeded media like pictures, iframe widgets, YouTube videos and animated gifs.

    Soon I'll be starting work on a basic crash course tutorial video on how the HTML controls work. Until then, have fun chewing on the learning curve. This should be a fun way for people to pass some time learning how some basic alignment code works, how to resize your images or videos, how to create a layout between your copy text and the media assets...etc. It's like taking it back to the oldschool days of MySpace and combining it with modern media sharing applications and threads.

    NEW ANIMATED EMOJIS!! - I just managed to, after a couple years of trial and error, find a way to attach a decent collection of animated emojis for members to use on the Graffiti Wall and most comment sections! Click on the "Open Emojis Panel" link under the bottom right of the text input area to open the emoji panel. Now this aught to help things be a little more interesting.

    Here's a preview of the whole new set:
    ย 5.gifย 6.gifย 7.gifย 8.gifย 9.gifย 11.gifย 12.gifย 15.gifย 17.gifย 18.gif22.gifย 23.gifย 24.gifย 25.gifย 26.gifย 27.gifย 28.gifย 29.gifย 30.gifย 32.gifย 33.gifย 35.gifย 36.gifย 37.gifย 38.gifย 39.gifย 40.gifย 41.gifย 42.gifย 43.gifย 44.gifย 45.gifย 46.gifย 47.gifย 63.gifย 64.gifย 66.gifย 67.gifย 68.gifย 69.gifย 70.gifย 71.gifย 76.gifย 77.gifย 78.gifย 100.gifย 101.gifย 102.gifย 103.gifย 104.gifย 105.gifย 106.gifย 107.gifย 109.gifย 110.gifย 111.gifย 112.gifย 113.gifย 

    Sharing Videos to the Garaffiti Wall
    : Have a YouTube video to share? Just paste in the video URL link and hit comment. The player will now automatically load into the feed, will all controls active for instant playback and full screen.

    "Try not!ย 
    Do or do not,
    there is no try..."

    ย  ย  ย  ย  -Master Yoda

  • https://djeministudios.wixsite.com/landingzone/member-cards-profile-narrow-light
  • ๐Ÿ˜Žย Just finished designing a new, official Djemini Studios Musik Play-R!! Another example of what I can build using WIX to create high quality, uniquely branded multi-media widgets. if you are viewing this on the activity log, click the "comment" link included with this post or visit my profileย  to see the new widget in action!!ย 

  • Generation X Explained ( Video )ย |ย Roughly 1960 - 1985
    A brief summary of the "Bad Batch" generation

    being born in '85, I'm what I like to call Generation X.5. Aka "The Bad Batch", an epitome or answer to the product known as Generation X. Being raised with one foot in the traditional world of bricks, mortar, blood and bone, and the other foot in the dawn of the internet with the whole of human record at our fingertips,the world is about to get a huge wake up call as to just how expendable we are NOT.ย ๐Ÿ˜Žย ( Click to view video )

  • Protip: You can copy and paste literally anything that is embedded on the Djemini Network, saving you the time of having to copy and paste code all over the place. To try it out, check out the "2023 DEMO" widget to your right. Click on the top right corner just outside the widget boundary, and drag your mouse cursor over the entire image to the bottom left, until the whole widget is highlighted and selected. Then press ctrl + C to copy it to clipboard.ย You can now paste the widget into any profile page block, comment section, article post or any other place where HTML input is active!

    This method of copying and pasting content from one place to the next also works for pictures and videos posted on the media content pages of Djemini Network. you can copy an entire, pre-formatted paragraph with embedded pictures and videos, and paste it "as is" anywhere else. Once the media has been formatted and integrated into the Djemini Network, it can be copied and pasted "as is" anywhere else.

    I hope this comes in handyย ๐Ÿฅณย 

  • Coming Soon... A Virtual Star Wars Fan Community


  • ย Zzzz

  • Love!

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"If social networking skills like graphic design, basic HTML coding and content management were as common as reading and writing, we would not need Facebook, Google, Telegram, Twitter, or any other monopoly to do it for us...

           we would only need each other.
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 You can access the Djemini Radio page or pop-out player at any time through the main website navitagion under the Spotlights tab, or by clicking on the ๐ŸŽง icon in the dashboard when available.

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Star Wars Community | "The Stronghold"

The Stronghold is a vitual, Star Wars themed environment and marketplace, arranged to house a variety of activities for the Star Wars fanbase. Ranging from cosplayers or gamers, to real life droid builders and shady merchants, the Stronghold is a virtual environment made for us to have a place of our own, in a galaxy far, far away.

Crafted from images captured from the massively popular MMORPG, "Star Wars: The Old Republic", The Stronghold is crafted to be a virtual "walk through" environment, inspired by some of the earliest PC puzzle / mystery games. In this virtual environment, you'll find NPC's that can help you explore and discover all the things we have built into the environment. From virtual market booths representing real life businesses, cosplayers and crafters, to NPC tour guides taking you through the museum to learn new things, there is a growing number of exciting things to engage with. So kick your feet up at the Cosplayer's Cantina, meet some of the characters we have lingering about, and enjoy your stay! 

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๐Ÿ’ธ If we can get 100 members to donate just $1.00 USD / month, we could afford to maintain a server for up to 100,000 members! That's huge! ( Alternatively, if 50 members donate $2 / month...etc. do the Math.)

If you can't afford to donate anything, but still want to help, you can use these widgets to promote our best work on your social profiles and website where custom HTML <iframe> embedding is available..


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