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The Djemini Network is a independently owned and operated social networking site tailored for artists and small businesses of the West Kootenays Region in BC, Canada, to promote our works online and share with our friends and families abroad. However, if you enjoy our humble little corner of the internet enough to join, then you are more than welcome to! 

We offer a wide variety of pubishing tools for sharing great online media content, though not quite as automated or sophisticated at the big tech 5 group of social media monopolies that most are all too familiar with. Our current capacity can host up to 10,000 members, and have 100GB of storage space for your photos, written works and other creative displays of your talents, products and / or services. We do not, however have room to host videos, so it is recommended and strongly encouraged that you import or embed your video content from other services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Click around a bit, and see what you think! And we hope you enjoy your stay. 

-โ˜ฅ The Djedi ( Network Creator )           

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    • Cool video, we need to get 2gether

      • indeed we do! Gunna be in town tomorrow during the day, And we got an open mic jam at the legion from 3-7pm come play some music if you can dig it ๐Ÿฅณ

  • Here a big shout out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an honoured elder in the Djemini Community,ย Avery Garnet MacKayย !! Come and celebrate a long time musician, father, grandfather and mentor on his 75th birthday by joining us this evening at the Ymir Hotel for some banjo pickin shenannigans!!10906713678?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Happy bday garnet


  • 10897073673?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Well it's official. I have new teeth!! Only took 30 years to do it, seeing as how my parents couldn't afford teeth for both myself and my sister, so they made us compete for them instead, by seeing who got the best grades in school. Needless to say, I lost. Because I was an outcast who was bullied by teachers and other students alike.

    A total of 9 implants (5 on top, 4 on bottom) to replace the rotting corpses in my mouth. After 30 years with no smile, and living in a butt load of pain on a regular basis, I'm now back to enjoying what most people take for granted. My teeth didn't stand a chance from day one, as they were crowded and cracked apart since I was young. And no measure of brushing could make any difference, and flossing was impossible because of how tightly crowded they were. Please don't ask me for a picture of what they looked like before, because that is something I want to leave in the past for good, along with all the people who abandoned me and pridefully undermined my efforts to reach out for help for SO VERY LONG.

    Both will not at all be missed.
    • Wowzaย 


This reply was deleted.
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"If social networking skills like graphic design, basic HTML coding and content management were as common as reading and writing, we would not need Facebook, Google, Telegram, Twitter, or any other monopoly to do it for us...

           we would only need each other.
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Star Wars Community | "The Stronghold"

The Stronghold is a vitual, Star Wars themed environment and marketplace, arranged to house a variety of activities for the Star Wars fanbase. Ranging from cosplayers or gamers, to real life droid builders and shady merchants, the Stronghold is a virtual environment made for us to have a place of our own, in a galaxy far, far away.

Crafted from images captured from the massively popular MMORPG, "Star Wars: The Old Republic", The Stronghold is crafted to be a virtual "walk through" environment, inspired by some of the earliest PC puzzle / mystery games. In this virtual environment, you'll find NPC's that can help you explore and discover all the things we have built into the environment. From virtual market booths representing real life businesses, cosplayers and crafters, to NPC tour guides taking you through the museum to learn new things, there is a growing number of exciting things to engage with. So kick your feet up at the Cosplayer's Cantina, meet some of the characters we have lingering about, and enjoy your stay! 

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๐Ÿ’ธ If we can get 100 members to donate just $1.00 USD / month, we could afford to maintain a server for up to 100,000 members! That's huge! ( Alternatively, if 50 members donate $2 / month...etc. do the Math.)

If you can't afford to donate anything, but still want to help, you can use these widgets to promote our best work on your social profiles and website where custom HTML <iframe> embedding is available..


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