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Production Disclaimer

NOTE: This Trailer is a CONCEPT trailer, presented with the goal of showcasing the themes that the film aims to explore further. Story elements and characters are subjuct to change as the script develops and changes according to the resources and contacts that Djemini Studios has available to draw from.

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Script Teases

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  • Quarentine Headquarters

    Flashback scene of some establishment investigators working in their tech center, hover up to a computer workstation after the operator shouts, "sir, I've found him!"

    One of the investigators in charge rushes up, "So the bastard is still alive. Zoom and enhance image. I want to see the devil himself." as the operator types on the keyboard and begins following the order.

    cut to Animations of a Satalite camera POV to be displayed on a screen, of starting zoomed out, and jump zooming in 4-5 times until it focusses on ground level, revealing Eldric walking through a clearing on the edge of a thick forest.

    cut back to tech center - The investigator's brows sink, "Is he.. is he wearing...old armour?" he says, in a puzzled tone.

    Cut back to the screen with a shot of Eldric quickly shooting a glance directly towards the POV, and the image transmission suddenly stops working after a loud bang, and the image violently scrubs off the screen, leaving only static.

    Cutting back to the tech Center, the investigators are thrown back with a unanimous flinch as another station begins flashing red across the room. The operator's eyes practially leap out of his skull as he quickly jumps up and runs across the room, and begins a panicked sweep over the keepboard to confirm the alarm. "Sir! it looks like some sort of space debris has taken out our satalite. Transmission is dead."

    -Dawn of Dragons

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Dawn of Dragons ~ Official Poster (2022)

Produced by Djemini Studios

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Nikolaus "The Hunter" ~ Official Poster

Performed by Jordan Gardiner

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"The Red Woman" ~ Official Poster

Performed by Jaime Bailon

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Eldric "The Keeper" ~ Official Poster

Performed by Andrew Harvey

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Based upon the works of George R.R. Martin, Dawn of Dragons an original film and addtional verse that goes into exploring the distant future in the Song of Ice and Fire. 

Official Synopsis:
In this Fan Written verse of the Song of Ice and Fire, we reveal one of the core elements of modern story telling, "Timelessness" where a lone and highly trained man hunter from the military goes into the depths of the wilderness to seek out and secure the one man that could save humanity from its own hubris... and annihilation.
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