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You can be an honorary member of the Earth Warrior Pagen Folk following by purchasing One of their amazing, self produced CD's - all of which are available, even some of their older albums that have been in high demand, and are highly collectable pieces of history and accomplishement for independent artists in a world full of agencies and money mongers... You can also purchase some of their one of a kind pendants, stickers, patches, hoodies, fabric bags and other goodies for you to carry with you on the journey from birth to death!

All the image and branding designs are crafted with epic skill by the band leader himself, Steve Sic, and made possible by the fine manufacturing skills of independent artists working with the band. All materials are ethically sourced and handled, but will last for as long as you care for them in the same way the Earth cares for us! <3

Just click on one of the images below to visit their webstore page for that item, or you can browse their full webstore by Clicking Here

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As a special thanks to the members of this incredible band from the Netherlands for allowing me to use their music in my next fan film project, Dawn of Dragons, I would LOVE it if you guys checked out the rest of their highly inspired music, art, and lifestyle!

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