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Avery Garnet MacKay - Banjo

For years and years, Avery has been around Nelson, gracing the streets with his Banjo pickin' as a regular busker and dedicated member of the local Bluegrass Society. After helping to form, maintain and motivate other musicians in the local scene to pull together and make a band stand occur, we finally settled on a regular core entourage, with Avery being the "Grand-daddy" of the group.

While maintaining an open approach to baker street busking, Avery is often out several times a week playing for the community, and spreading good, encouraging vibes with his banjo pluckin.

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Calum MacPherson

Calum’s got music in his bones and has always been moved by it. He spent his youth playing jigs and reels on his fiddle. He’s always had an interest in bluegrass, roots and blues. He found a voice and some rhythm around 10 years ago and has been banging away on his guitar ever since.

A Kooteney import since 2010, he makes Nelson his home. He is a family man who spends his him running around after his 2 girls and finds flow jamming around town with this group and at open mics with others, riding his mountain bike and skiing with the family in the winter.

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Rudy Kraus

A long time West Kootenay Ski fanatic, Rudy and his boss, Petee, can be found rushing down the hills out at Whitewater, when he's not out with us struming away on his Dobro. Petee is not only Rudy's boss, but he's our Band Manager. We would be lost without Petee, and thus unanimously decided to name ourselves as the sideshow to the amazing force that is Petee.

As a regular kootenay poor boy, relatively speaking, Rudy has been involved in playing and facilitating at a large number of musical efforts and events in the Nelson and surrounding area for many years.

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey has played with Petee and the Poor Boys since the late summer of 2021, after discovering them busking on Baker Street, and was invited to come and lay down some bass lines. Andrew is accomplished on several instruments, but had little experience on the bass, so bluegrass was the perfect place to get started with its core, traditional rhythems and chord progressions.

Andrew has played as a musician and producer in the west Kootenays since he was a young boy, and is the founder / creator of Djemini Studios.

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