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The Djemini | Knightwatch v3 is nearly complete!


Over the last two years, I've been slowly researching and sourcing out very key and specific pieces of equipment, with the goal of building the ultimate budget camera rig that can keep up with modern Cinematic standards. What came out of it is now a custom rig inspired by the Arri Trinity, dubbed the "Djemini Knightwatch" in various versions and stages of development.

We are currently nearing the end up our journey towards the third official upgrade to the rig, adding the "v3" at the end of its title. The last two items I need to complete the v3 assembly is the TASCAM DR60 mk2 Audio Deck, and the Zhiyun Bluetooth Gimbal Remote for our Custom Control Handle

The Knightwatch v4 is currently in early design stages, which would feature a gimbal upgrade from the Zhiyun Crane v2 up to the DJI Ronin S3 Pro, and a camera upgrade from the Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 up to the Sony FX6. This upgrade would allow higher resolution, higher frame rates, more intimate remote controls for camera and gimbal operation, and an overall increase in productivity and standards of quality.

Version Build Videos

The real game changer for my rig design was when I got my hands on the Gimbal Brace Mount and Counterweights from Proaim, by trading some video gear BTS footage for the set. By employing this G-axis yoke with the Flycam Galaxy arm, I can mount the gimbal assembly for the v3 and have super clean, smooth motions and 360* pan movement.

The counterweights offer a wonderful balance to the small rig, ensuring a lower amount of stress on the assembly. By adding this piece of equipment to the Knightwatch,we have completed the "skeleton" on the rig, and now just have to finish building the media producing guts like ataching the Audio Deck, and running the audio cables along the inside of the gimbal extention pole I have the Brace Mount atached to.

Djemini Studios is also happy to announce that the Official Proaim Global YouTube Channel has opted to feature the video we made to showcase this piece of equipment. Make sure to give them a visit to see the other great gear they produce!

Paired Camera - Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000


Camera Rig Stabilization

Wireless Audio Management

By combining this TASCAM Audio Recording unit with the motorized gimbal when it is mounted on the FlyCam Galaxy stablizer system, this camera rig would be able to compete with some high industry standards in video production and audio management on the fly.

To help me get this gear, I can receive donations to my Patreon, e-transfers to, or by sending your donation to my - Be sure to leave a note with your donation to indicate which item you would like to help us acquire to increase our production quality!


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