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For years and years I thought I could handle hot & spicy, but that was before I came across Ebesse Zozo when he came to town to sell his hot sauce on the street out of a small blue cooler. Since then, his hot sauces have become world famous, being featured in many TV spots and magazines, and even invited onto the Dragon's Den.

All these years later, Edmond is now a local celebrity, still producing fresh batches of the same, Traditional African Hot Sauce. So if you've stumbled across this stuff and tried it out, make sure to click the "Ebesse Zozo | Guestbook" tab in this page block to let us know, and leave a 1-5 star review!

What is Ebesse Zozo?

Meet Edmond Segbeaya
"Couscous is Ready!!"

Considered at least "five times hotter than tabasco", Ebesse Zozo could definitely be tagged as being "extremely hot!". Ebesse Zozo is Togolese for hot pepper and gets its firy heat from the Habanero pepper, which is native to Africa. While abundant in Togo, the people of Togo "eat hot foods at every meal." It just wouldn't be the same without hot sauce.

The idea spawned from one of the Segbeayas' routine visits to their local grocery store (Kootenay Co-op) in Nelson*. The Segbeayas' love for hot foods certainly "caught the attention of a Kootenay Co-op manager" who wanted to know why they were purchasing entire crates of Habaneros while the most of the other customers could tolerate no more than possibly one or two of the flaming vegetable.

After explaining to the manager about their knack and culture for naturally growing up "eat(ing) hot foods at every meal", the Assistant Product Manager (Ken Lister) inspired and motivated Edmond Segbeaya to promote, sell, and distribute Ebesse Zozo to as many places as possible. So Edmond decided to start up Awassi as his company to promote his spicy product, and as you now know, the rest is history!

Many Varieties to Choose From!

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Lighting The Djedi on Fire

Djemini Studios had the distinct pleasure of providing some prinicple photogrophy for the product pictures featured on his main website. I've tried these sauces many times, and now Ebesse Zozo is my go to for hot sauce when I need to spice things up! Made with the best and local indredients grown right here in the Kootenays, it's a win win all across the board!

Get in touch with Edmond and order some to try some out today!