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"Time is the only resource for which no creature may bargain..."

Our journey begins In the mystical lands of Taelondria, an ancient society of dragons wages war in a race against time. After rediscovering legends that a mysterious firebird of immense wisdom still exists, the dragons must locate and protect the incendiary beast...

Nitrozite, the diabolical ghost dragon, has nearly discovered the phoenix's location. And with the aid of his undead armies, he embarks upon a mission to absorb the fiery creature's powers, and permanently eradicate it!

But the fate of a resourceful, yet inexperienced dragon also hangs in the balance. Forced into a position of unexpected responsibility, Jackralvian must unlock and unleash his own powers and purpose... or he too will face eradication.

Time is running out: and it waits for no being... neither mortal nor Dragon !  🐲 

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DD4 is obviously up next. The 'Ziwalos' timer on the website will keep you informed and... attuned, my Vas Amals. For, after all...Time Is the Only Resource. Until then, grab copies of DD1-3 and get caught up on the story! When you're finished, return here to leave a review of the series! Make sure to click a 1-5 star rating when you leave your comment!

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In addition to acting, writing, singing and voice-over, Matthew Carauddo has over 15 years of experience in fencing, staged combat and martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Tricking). Matthew is a licensed fencing instructor, approved and examined by the Federation Francaise D’Escrime (FFE). He has taught hundreds of group fencing classes and one-on-one lessons behind the mask throughout the California bay area at schools, academies of fencing, summer camps, and parks and recreational facilities.

After years of work developing the screenplay (2018-2019), I'm excited to share "Diamond Dragons" with the general public. Although the work is "new" to most anyone reading this, it's been an on-going process of hard work, dedication, discipline, and consistency behind the scenes.

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