Humanity has been selectively bred like cattle via the control of money and who has access to it, for longer than most are willing to admit or even acknowlege. By controlling the money, you control what people do with their choices and actions. For if you choose what our masters do not wish for us, then you will be fired, ridiculed, blamed shamed and banned into obscurity by the will of the majority who do not know any better, and you will not get paid any money.

Without any money, and with the values that Women are raised with, as a man you fail to attract a mate. By failing to attract a mate, and having the opportunity to procreate, your genetic codes are wiped off the face of the planet without having a single shot fired against you. No one has EVER taken this form of SYSTEMIC VIOLENCE against Men seriously, and the results should be painfully obvious by now. And whenever the Men of the world begin to wake up to this trend, they are ushered into another war to kill them all off.

And this has been ongoing for literally thousands of years, almost entirely unnoticed by the majority of people, for we were so fixated on making money and having a good time, that our minds were slectively steered away from becoming aware of it, via the application of advertisements, pop culture and news media, along with social pressure from friends, family and peers who are just "running the program" and likely do not know any better.

Now we are at a point where ther word "Work" is defined ONLY by our ability to make and spend money, as opposed to actually asserting effort and learning useful skills, and applying them in the real world towards improving our lives, and the lives of those around us. The result of this definition of "work" is that we destroy our own homes and habitat, and we abuse or take advantage of those who loved us, so that we can get our hands on some MORE money, regardless of how much we already have.

Throughout our history, it appears as if there are many forms and methods that have been used to accomplish this same goal of selectively breeding people into submission and obedience to money and authority, no differently than how a rancher trains a breed of cow, or a gardener selectively prunes a berry bush. The same goal is accomplished by a variety of methods. Once upon a time, the majority was encouraged to round up any who opposed the rule of tyrants and their shiny rocks, and celebrated their "liberation" as the witches and the "godless" burned on stakes. Where as nowadays, they just tell you that you've been fired, and everyone will blame you for it. You must not have been working hard enough, or were not fit to "serve" a position in any given company.

People do not get paid to ask hard questions, or make a positive difference in the world. No. They get paid to shut up, and do what they are commended to do, or else you get fired. Our addiction to money has led us to a point where those who drop bombs on the innocent get paid billions of dollars, while those saving lives are expected by "virtue" to volunteer their irreplaceable time on this planet. And so all the GOOD people in the world give up on money, and try to help others. And this leads them into the vicious cycles of not making any money, and thus missing out on the opportunity to procreate, and teach their children to be loving, compssionate and supportive human being who know the TRUE meaning of the word WORK - making an effort to nurture and improve the lives of every creature on this planet.Β 

And now with the introduction of gene editing via injections, and digital ID's that track whether or not you've earned the right to take a shit this morning, who knows exactly how this age old operation of genetic manipulation and herd control will effect the lives of every single living organism on this planet, via the cause and effect of our behaviors, our ignorance, and our complete lack of willingness to look at this issue. And the consequences of that are also now painfully obvious everywhere we look in the "modern" world of human interest and attention.

It's time to WAKE UP people. Now is all there is. Spend it wisely. Money should NEVER be the ulimate and deciding factor in LIFE decisions. Or else it may only be a matter of time until you find yourself ruining the lives of millions of people with lies, deception, inquisition, manipulation and genocide, all so you can collect 3% on a major arms deal before your competator does. And the only thing that tends to "trickles down" into the lives of the majority, is chaos, strife, division, apathy, ignorance, greed, and the exact same kinds of ideologies that would encourage you to make the same kind of choices as those who control the money. The result being that we abondon our reason, our compassion, our friends and family, along with our our longevity on this planet. And we have the GAL to refer to this self destructive activity as "Progress"

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  • Many artists throughout history have tried to articulate this dilemma as best they could. Some more than others. And when you finally become aware of this trend, and learn how to notice it, then you will begin to see the same message literally EVERYWHERE among the inspired artists of the world. Here's an example - which makes you wonder why he was so utterly smeared by the media before dying from nefariously uncertain circumstances.

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