The Djemini Network was specifically designed for its members to post and share their own creative content. To share you own photos, to share your own videos, display your own ads, or the ads of the businesses you wish to support, and to post your own thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams for people to engage with and support.

So who can tell me why I appear to be the only one here who has anything of my own to share?Β 

Has facebook and other corporate branded social media sites slowly trained people to post and share anything and everything BUT their own content? Do they even have any content of their own to post, and know how to post it? you would think that after 20 years of run around, that we might have learned how to produce and share our own content with others on social media. But what we ended up with was to become like a node in the middle of an inescapable matrix where your sole purpose is to share and propegate market exploitation, economic domination, and a complete lack of interest in the lives and creative content of the people we care about, their hopes, goals and dreams along with it.

Instant gratification is NOT your ally when it comes to social media. These corporate sites like facebook have robbed you all over the last 20 years of the opportunity for billions of people world wide to finally break free from poverty, take advantage of the social media revolution by starting and promoting their own small business, and "level the economic playing field" as my social media Mentor, Randy McCallum used to say.

10400290873?profile=RESIZE_400xHe designed the first music production software for apple computers back in the 70's, and shared office spaces with Steve Jobs on a first name basis. Now he lives inthe Kootenays running a humble, locally based network to support and promote all the greatest local hiking trails calledΒ Β AllTrails.

Since I ended up homeless the first time from failing to make any money from my efforts in music and social media management, I had always dreamed of returning one day to build a local alternative to Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Telegram, and all the other mass produced, centralized social media sites we see coming on board. And as these independent websites like this one undergo the scrutiny of a fine tooth comb by a select, priviledged few who understand the true VALUE of social media, the millions of others who don't have the slightest clue are blocked from ever interacting with them, or outright ignored, banned censored and even assasinated for daring to step on the toes of the allmighty corporate overlords that everyone flock to like sheep waiting to be financially, economically, environmentally and politically sheered... again.

Discuss. :)

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