Djemini Studios 4k | 2023 Demo Reel

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It's been a long time since I started this mission called Djemini Studios in 2015 to launch the beginning of the Djedi Academy. But there's a summary of how I got from there... to here. Here. Because no matter where or when you go, Here and Now you are. We may be a bunch of peppered lonely hearts, but We Hope You Will Enjoy the Show!

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World of Omnia

Shaman Steve Sic and Harp Fairy Jenny (aka Stenny) are free spirits who set themselves apart from the rest of society by being deeply nature-religious people with an encyclopedic knowledge of Human history, the Natural world, Northern European indigenous culture and animistic / shamanic rites and rituals AND traditional and ethnic music and instruments. 

Their Pagan/Bohemian philosophy is very free and non-dogmatic though heavily based on the coolest bits of most ancient Indigenous Religions, the scientific knowledge about our biosphere and how it functions and (of course) the everpresent search for original ART and BEAUTY. 

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