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  • Music Videos & Art Exhibits
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  • Weddings, Graduations & Community Events
  • Activism & Independent Journalism

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Company History
Djemini Studios was founded in 2016 along side the launch of our fan series "The Djedi Academy", as a means of housing the production and the variety of content it includes. Since then we've expanded to explore other fun and engaging presentations and projects such as music videos, local news coverage and activism, exclusive podcasting events and small business promotions for our local community.

Founded by Andrew Harvey and co-founder Dee Ainsley back in 2015, Djemini Studios literally started off as a couple guys with nothing left to lose, and some mighty ambitions about making films together. We hope to continue producing and promoting the best and most unique grass roots content we can as the future so uncertain unfolds.

What's New?

Djemini Studios is all about story telling. What are the values we gain from stories? How do they effect us? From my experience, it is like what Tyrion Lannister says in Season 8 of Game of Thrones "There is nothing more powerful than a good story" - Stories have the ability to shape our hearts and our minds, and pass on our life lessons and experiences to the next generation to carry forward.

Stories allow us to externalize all of the struggles that life throws at us, and look at the dramas and situations that unfold from making one choice or another. So the value of a story is one that aims to look at how to make a choice, and live with the consequences. Stories carry a certain, timeless quality that never fails to be a force that is used to help us draw a course of action from birth to death. For any story worth its weight in gold, is ultimately a story about consequences. it carries a lesson to be learned, or a "Moral" to be obtained in its passage from one generation to the next.

Djemini Studios has accepted the mission of telling and producing stories that are connected to or a reflection of our world's greatest struggles, and aims to offer a spark of hope to those who are lost in the story that there is none, no hope to be found. But there is... There definitely is. That hope is you, my friends, and the choices you have yet to make. For it is all about the stories we tell, the people we meet, the music we share and the freedoms we stand for... TOGETHER.

Introducing the Knightwatch v3

Click the banner below to check out the most recent developments to our custom camera rig stabilization system, the Knightwatch v3!

Djemini Mobile Studio Preview

Come and check out the dream I have in store for the future of Djemini Studios, as I design and implement the goal of converting my RV, into a fully livable, mobile studio that can travel to conventions, festivals, film sets and more. The Djemini Mobile Studio would come complete and self contained, requiring only hookups for power and ethernet cables to run the studio.

(Coming Soon!) check out the Djemini Mobile Studio in our upcoming video series, and book mark the page to follow along and learn more about the design and implementation of it as it changes and develops over time. (Concept Art for Picture)

( Full page review coming soon! )

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