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11298889074?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Cantina is a discussion board. Plain and simple. Though I'm wanting to make it more fun and visually engaging for people. So just like the launcher sections you've seen me build into the tops of the Promotions and Holonet pages, now the Cantina features... well.. a Cantina! This virtual zone features a ton of the best Star Wars animated GIFS you can find, posing as characters randomly visiting the cantina. Often, you'll perhaps find a lone Jedi in the corner, studying the code, or Yoda at the counter offering you a warm cup of Ko-fi! I can embed hotspots over anything on the screen, and create hover over pop-ups.

So image this... you have an event coming up, which aims to invite new cosplayers to start building some mando armour. Perfect! Because I've got a Mando GIF ready to place in the Cantina for you, to invite other members to it. By hovering their mouse over the Mando in the Cantina, I can create a pop up announcement and invite to your even page, with direct links included Or perhaps you have a bunch of use armour to sell, that you want to see fall into the right hands. Well we can place a merchant in the cantina for you, to try and sell it for you!ย 

Anything is possible really, when we engage and communicate well enoughto build a create, inspiring and supportive engagement for our members. The limits of your imagination are the boundaries of our shared reality here. So let those ideas flow! If the Cantina becomes an engaging and well enough developped resource, I'll consider opening it up to the public so that group visitors can also see the Cantina, and all of its embedded media.

Last night I tested out just how many characters, items and other decorations I could place into the Cantina at one time, and the result was, "Impressive... most impressive" - and should prove to be easy enough to load for most people. In fact, we through quite the party last night, and even installed a music player with a looped playlist of the classic cantina music, and a variety selected from the cantina background music from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Next time we through a party. we want to see you there!!

Here's a peak at what it looked like.ย 
Can you identify all the characters who showed up?


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-Andrew (The Djedi) Harvey
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