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All around us, we are seeing the People's ability to represent themselves or connect with policy writers and legislators is lacking. Social media platforms make it impossible for us to voice our concerns in greater detail, and we are forced to pack like sardines into a can to fight over microphones under pressured time restraints, in order to connect with our policy writers and legislators. So what is the plan then? do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?

Here, I would like to attempt to offer a new way of connecting as a community, to archive our concerns, and have them easily sorted into categories, and able to be presented to policy writers and legislators as an archive. And if they refuse to take a look at it, it means they are NOT doing the job we are paying them to, and should be fired immediately. 

Seeing as how the Canadian Government has banned news from being shared on mass social media sites, as if they had something to hide, I've also dedicated a section of this group for individuals from around the Kootenay Region to share their concerns, and do independent, local news reporting - directly from the people. If you have any news to share that you feel might be of value to the people living in the Kootenays, then here's your place to archive it, and make available for others to review.

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The People of Nelson | Showcase Group

This Virtual Town Hall group is intended to be for the use of locals who live and work here in Nelson, BC, Canada. It's purpose is to give us a place to host discussions and media exchanges with each other, and hopefully, our representatives also. 

For a more Community Building type of environment suited for promoting local Businesses, Artists, Events and other listings, please visit the People of Nelson group.


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